you know it’s bad when everyone in your life (read: actually just two people) stop responding to your texts/chats/actually talking to them in person because there is only so much irrelevant (but relevant to me) babble one person can politely listen to.

so i’m taking it out on you, vast interwebs:

tonight on a late night candy run (don’t know what you’re talking about #plausible deniability), sitting at a stoplight i noticed a couple crossing the street and noticed vaguely that they look familiar (read: nondescript caucasians) – were they the same couple from last night who called me a bitch?!?(awkward encounter coming soon) and i realized two things: 1) that i actually have no true recollection of what those people looked like and 2) hence i now think that all youngish white couples are mean/drunk/deserving of my hate and judgment.

and as A says: “that’s unfortunate”. indeed.